Interns Needed for Summer

This past week I interviewed a couple applicants for the internship positions and am excited to see the team grow! People with real talent are approaching us for these positions and that's super exciting! However, one thing I've learned through this process is that we won't ever compromise talent for character. We could hire the most talented, over qualified interns out there and still implode this summer if we don't hire interns with good, strong, healthy morals!

The hardest part is, how do you measure someone's morals in a one hour interview? Even two or three hours with the person, and you've only got a snap shot of who they are! There is an extent of grace one has to extend in an interview... you don't know what you're getting till three months down the road. 

All that said, we desire to be known as a company moved by our ethics, a moral standard that says, "No, we won't go film that booby tassle show!" haha, inside joke... sorry. We LOVE creativity, beauty, a good party and being "in the world" but won't be known for being "of the world"! I assure you of that!

We're still accepting applications for internships. So, please, feel free to forward this Blog post onto anyone you feel might be a good fit. We're looking for a few individuals still: Public Relations Intern, Business Savy Intern, Journalist/Internal Editing Intern, Web Management Intern, Production Intern