New website

We had triplets!!!

March 30, 2012 @ 9:17am, .net & .org were welcomed into this world by a loving team of entrepreneurs and passionate film makers.


MAN, baby making's fun! We're looking forward to nurturing and caring for these little guys! There's still much to be done, they're gonna grow rapidly and we look forward to every step along the way. We hope that you'll join us for the adventure!

Our Second Trimester

The morning sickness is over. We're feeling the weight pile on and starting to feel the cravings! We're not QUITE ready to give birth to this bad boy... but the day is quickly approaching.


The construction of this website has been tedious and will continue to consume time every week, but the fruit it will bare are invaluable. Thus is child birth though, huh? =) I'm SO undermining the true intensity of labor... haha, forgive me women. Next week is our much anticipated "due date" when we'll launch this puppy into outer space! Hope you'll enjoy all our hard work.

P.s. We'll also be beginning the application process for interns for this summer soon. That should be fun! More details to come concerning that... but just thought I'd throw that out there.