FELLOW Magazine//Issue #1

Celebrating food, music, and hand-crafted goods in Denver and beyond. - FELLOW Magazine

Had the pleasure of filming for our good friends over at FELLOW Magazine last night. The event                       was enchanting; friends and fellow creatives gathered to share a meal together and celebrate                               craftmanship. We will be producing a short promo for their first publication. Keep your eyes out                           for that! Till then, we'd love to give you a sneak peak...

Dinner was prepared by Happyolks.

"Recepies and stories for Happy Folks." - Happyolks

I'm not sure what you call a Pie maker... a pieist??? Kind of like a pianist... I don't know, but pies were provided by the one and only illustrious "pieist", Shauna Lott with The Long I. They were amazing!

 Tunes provided by the classically trained Princess Music. Help them produce their first Album by visiting and backing their Kickstarter

"... a tonal hologram crafted from an obsession with walruses and orchestral music."

Additionally notable contributers: (Still compiling this list, haha. Get off my back! It's still the day after the event...)