I hadn't ever tried Photomerge in Photoshop before, but seen other do it so I thought I'd give it a go this past weekend while on a hike with my wife. Four Thousand feet of elevation gain, one hundred photos & 24 million pixels later, here you have it. I'd like to introduce you to the Waimakariri River valley in Arthurs Pass, Canterbury New Zealand. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

This is only a compressed version of the original. The final merged  image is over 8000x3000 px!!!

While I was at it, I couldn't resist grabbing a quick time-lapse of the sunset too. Hope yah dig it! Wish I had lugged my Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly & Second Shooter up there..... Next time!!!

Eldeen Annette // Project #2

"Northern Denver's #1 choice for professional headshots and portraits, from CEOs to artists in all genres."

- Eldeen Annette Portraiture

 Watch in HD & Full Screen! ;)

Eldeen Annette had such success using our first Promo Film (featured here) to drive her business that she pulled us on for a second. This short Promo features her Professional Headshot services. In it, we interview a vinniette of clients that she has served, having them share why they use Eldeen Annette Portraiture for their Professional Headshots. This Film was co-produced with our homies over at Endfallow Media

If you enjoyed it, drop us a Comment. Have any questions, hit us up on our Contact page.


FELLOW Magazine//Issue #1

Celebrating food, music, and hand-crafted goods in Denver and beyond. - FELLOW Magazine

Had the pleasure of filming for our good friends over at FELLOW Magazine last night. The event                       was enchanting; friends and fellow creatives gathered to share a meal together and celebrate                               craftmanship. We will be producing a short promo for their first publication. Keep your eyes out                           for that! Till then, we'd love to give you a sneak peak...

Dinner was prepared by Happyolks.

"Recepies and stories for Happy Folks." - Happyolks

I'm not sure what you call a Pie maker... a pieist??? Kind of like a pianist... I don't know, but pies were provided by the one and only illustrious "pieist", Shauna Lott with The Long I. They were amazing!

 Tunes provided by the classically trained Princess Music. Help them produce their first Album by visiting and backing their Kickstarter

"... a tonal hologram crafted from an obsession with walruses and orchestral music."

Additionally notable contributers: (Still compiling this list, haha. Get off my back! It's still the day after the event...)

Eldeen Annette Portraiture

A behind the scenes look at a photo shoot with Eldeen Annette. A high-end photo experience for the everyday woman.


It was an absolute privilege to work with Eldeen and provide her with this Behind the Scenes                     Promotional Film. This project was co-produced between Bokeh FX and our good homies Endfallow Media. We had a blast on this shoot, and got some fun use of the Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly mentioned in our last post. Enjoy:

Please Check out Eldeen's work and contact her for glamour, professional or senior portraiture! She's an excellent photographer and we look forward to doing more work with her in the future.

Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly

DSLR Slip-n-Slide minus one garden hose...

We're stoked to announce that we've added a Kessler Crane "Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly" to our                       equipment list. Keep your eye on our next few productions as we look forward to utilizing this                  beautiful piece of machinery. 


You can also expect to see a review covering our experience with the Phillip Bloom Pocket Dolly in the near future. Till then...

The Crowd, the Critic & the Muse

Far More Than Mere Lyrical Metaphors and Allegories!

     An excellent work of creative literature and a must read for anyone questioning                     how their belief system is meant to affect their purpose in life! Filled with hilarious                   “playful jaunts” and insightful stories from Michael's childhood. An outstanding read                       for the stoic and the thespian! As Michael puts it, 
“Art, along with all work is the ordering of creation toward the intention of the creator.”
“Most of human creativity gets ignored for the genius that it is... Take sewer systems for example...” 
     As a Christian who happens to be a Filmmaker it has been easy for me to slip into a dogmatic perspective of my creativity. But Michael, through humility and vulnerability in sharing his own story removes the vail from the mystery that is our Creator's intent for our existence.
     This book was exactly what I needed! It helped me realize where I was producing for the wrong reasons, and set my feet back on solid ground from which now I can truly create! I was extremely blessed through Michael's wisdom and insight. And if he were ever to read this review, I would say, “Thank You”.
“Whether or not we create is not up to us. We are human, and creating is what we do. Every interaction, movement, and decision is creativity at work.”

Citation: "The Crowd, The Critic and The Muse" by Michael Gungor
Available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon


The Crowd, the Critic & the Muse

Book Review Coming Soon!

I have recently been given the book, "The Crowd, The Critic and The Muse" by Michael Gungor to                       write a review for it. And I can't wait to read it. Gungor is a local Denver band that we've been follow-                   ing for a while now and we're stoked to hear Michael's perspective of creativity! They're hitting it big                     in the Christian Music scene with what they call "Liturgical Post Modern Rock". Keep your eye out for the review. We'll be posting it soon!

HeavenFest 2012

Yo! yooo! YOOOHOHO!!! 

  We were super stoked to hook up with Dave Powers this year and produce a few pieces for                   HeavenFest 2012! They needed a few Commercials that would be played from the Jumbo-trons                   during the music festival as well as compiled into a final Countdown for the Main Event. This was                         the final piece. Check it out, there's a super stellar prayer that Dave lead the crowd in at the end of the video. Sickest part of the whole thing!

Heaven Fest 2012 // Main Event Countdown from Bokeh FX on Vimeo.


"I See You Moving" Web Series


On June 20th Bokeh FX roadtripped to Wilmore, KY for the Ichthus Festival to film Transform DJ's as they dropped their new track "I See You Moving". Bokeh FX captured the highlights of the DJ's experience and posted it to their youtube channel every day in this Web Series. We had a blast working with the DJ's again and rockin Ichthus 2012!

All 4 Episodes of the "I See You Moving" Web Series are in the can and can be viewed bellow! Our personal favorites are Episodes 2 & 4. Tell us which ones you dig by commenting bellow:

Fun Factoid for those who've watched all four: If you payed attention, you may have noticed the similarity between every Episodes music. Every song used for this Web Series were remixes of the DJ's new track "I See You Moving". You can download this track for free from their website, and check out the various other remixes. 

Ichthus Tour Video

We're amped to announce that on June 21-24th Bokeh FX will be headed out to Lexington, KY for the Ichthus Music Festival to produce a Web Series for Transform DJ's! Each day you can expect to see a new episode posted to their youtube account showing off the highlights from the show, back stage mischief, and all sort of other awesome tour shinanigans! So don't miss it! Bookmark their youtube account today (, and we'll see you on the 21st! 

Transform DJ's Web Series // "I See You Moving" from Bokeh FX.

For more details about Ichthus, visit


Reach LS Shoot

Today was our Reach Learning Systems Shoot w/ Luke Zimbleman.




Luke Zimbleman is the founder of this innovative online education program. Bokeh FX and Endfallow Media, is working on a Promotional piece for Luke's program. We expect to publish this production by the end of this week. Keep your eyes out for final! We're really excited about how the shoot went and expect to see this project really benefit Luke's program. Hope you guys dig! We will update with footage soon...


Interns Needed for Summer

This past week I interviewed a couple applicants for the internship positions and am excited to see the team grow! People with real talent are approaching us for these positions and that's super exciting! However, one thing I've learned through this process is that we won't ever compromise talent for character. We could hire the most talented, over qualified interns out there and still implode this summer if we don't hire interns with good, strong, healthy morals!

The hardest part is, how do you measure someone's morals in a one hour interview? Even two or three hours with the person, and you've only got a snap shot of who they are! There is an extent of grace one has to extend in an interview... you don't know what you're getting till three months down the road. 

All that said, we desire to be known as a company moved by our ethics, a moral standard that says, "No, we won't go film that booby tassle show!" haha, inside joke... sorry. We LOVE creativity, beauty, a good party and being "in the world" but won't be known for being "of the world"! I assure you of that!

We're still accepting applications for internships. So, please, feel free to forward this Blog post onto anyone you feel might be a good fit. We're looking for a few individuals still: Public Relations Intern, Business Savy Intern, Journalist/Internal Editing Intern, Web Management Intern, Production Intern


Just finalized the First Chapter of the Transform DJ's Promo DVD! Keep your eyes out for the other three sections of this DVD. When it's all said and done, it will be sent out in a Promo pack filled with Transform DJ shwag to Booking Agents and Supporters.

We're excited about what these guys have to offer and glad to be working with them. "LIKE" them on Facebook (Transform DJs) and follow their band as it turns heads and shakes the status quo. "LIKE" Bokeh FX on Facebook to follow the completion of this DVD.

Timely Quote

Blake Mycoskie is the founder of the hipster shoe company, Toms and in his book "Start Something That Matters" he reflects on the fears he felt when starting Toms, and these words couldn't have been more timely:


"I found some effective ways to live with the fear until I could overcome it. First, I remembered to live my story. I went back to my core question: Why am I doing this? When you go back to your core motivations, you affirm the authenticity of your project, which takes away one of the biggest fears: that you are a fraud. When you live your story, you don't have to pretend you're someone you're not. You can just be yourself. It's been said that there's nothing more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose -- and it's true in business too. When you are living your story, it means your actions and your mission are the same, which eliminates any room for shame or disappointment, the two emotions that underlie our greatest fears. That's when you have nothing to lose." - Blake Mycoskie

Now, I don't know if those word will mean nearly as much to you as they have to me... 

I'm not one to believe in coincidences... and I literally fell onto this quote about twenty minutes ago... and MAN did I need it! Going back to my core motivation... I'm starting this production company and hiring interns because I want to make a difference through my talents, and I can't do that on my own! Especially in this industry!!!

The funny part is, it sounds like Blake was going through the exact same thing I am at that moment because his next words are "I also made sure to surround myself with interns." And when I read this book the first time I put a BIG circle around that last word and wrote, "Could I bring on interns?"

Transform DJ's Promo DVD

The Promo DVD for Transform DJ's is in the Post Production Stage, and we decided we'd give you a sneak peak of how things are going. We've posted a Rough cut on Vimeo that you can watch below:


This is a Rough cut of the first chapter of the Transform DJ's Promo DVD that Bokeh FX is producing. There's still much work to be done, but this piece should be finalized soon! Still needs some color correction and intro/outro touch ups...
But enjoy!

A Bokeh FX Production
Speakers: Luke Bodley, Tim Heil and Jon Burgess
Sound Track: Levi Whalen - The World (Audicid Remix)

The Age of Interns

Bokeh FX is hiring Interns! We'll be posting a listing on Craigslist tomorrow. If you're interested in applying you can go to our Contact Page or email your Resume to

Our Craigslist listing: 

If you’re a gifted, creative crazy inspired by social media this is an awesome opportunity...

Bokeh FX is a start up Film Production Company based out of Denver, CO that offers exceptional quality at a competitive price. Our target market is the local music industry; producing music videos, band promos, tour docs, etc. We strongly value integrity, social responsibility and creativity. These values shape our relationships with each other, our customers, and the films we produce.

We believe in the power of the few, and even more in the influence of the visual arts, especially when coupled with other mediums of art! This is why our target market is the local music industry. We desire to empower local musicians to make social change in their spheres of influence and beyond.

Our company is looking to fill a few positions:

CREATIVE CRAZY Production Head
If you’re looking to expand your Portfolio as a film producer, this is the position for you! You will act as a liaison between Bokeh FX and its contracted workers and clients. You will practically oversee our client’s work from beginning to end.

This person is practically our personal journalist. We want our clients to be sold on the quality of our work, but also the characters behind the camera. Your key role will be in producing behind the scenes videos for Bokeh FX’s promotional purposes. 

This person must have experience in Web design and management. Your hard work will directly affect the potential of this company. This is a great opportunity for you to expand your portfolio.

This person will work directly with the CEO of Bokeh FX. No coffee making or gofer tasks. You will play an integral part in the advertising, marketing, and contracting aspects of Bokeh FX. 

This intern will act as the company’s “show jockey”. Your job will entail going to local shows and mingling with the bands and their managers to find future clients who share the same ethical standards and desires for social change.

Although this an unpaid internship, expect to learn heaps and grow in your position as the company grows. That said, there is a serious chance that this could lead to a lucrative full time position within the company.


Matt Short // Executive Producer



We had triplets!!!

March 30, 2012 @ 9:17am, .net & .org were welcomed into this world by a loving team of entrepreneurs and passionate film makers.


MAN, baby making's fun! We're looking forward to nurturing and caring for these little guys! There's still much to be done, they're gonna grow rapidly and we look forward to every step along the way. We hope that you'll join us for the adventure!